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Stories have always been the backbone of my love for art. My dream since the time I was a child was to write a book that somehow incorporated my artwork into the narrative. Arch Enemy Arts Gallery helped me live that dream today, as I share with you all my first collection of short stories, soon to be a hard cover book: THE GHOST LIGHTS: volume I. I have been working on this solo show for the better part of a year, and from the day I first came up with the concept for the show I knew I wanted to have a story accompany each of the eight artworks in the show. These characters and places are ghosts, as they quite literally do not exist anymore (all of the animals are extinct, and these lighthouses have fallen) and each has a story to tell. The stories are about these eight characters navigating through their new existence as ghosts, the lighthouses that have a spirit of their own refusing to give up their lights, and about the humans who see just a glimpse into this mystical shimmering world just out of reach of the living.  My hardcover book with the finished stories will be available to purchase later this year when production is finalized. The stories on this website page are the raw versions, and although they still need a bit of work before I send it into production, it felt imporant that those of you who took the time to visit my solo show get to read about these characters and learn their stories. Please excuse any imperfections, they are still works in progress. This is the collection of stories that childhood me would be proud to share with you today, and I truly thank you for taking your time to read them. 

Please click on the images below to read each of their stories. Thank you again for taking the time to check out my solo show and see the accompanying written words, I am so very honored. 

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